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MBA Important Questions - Regulation 2013 MBA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Semester Part B Important Questions

Regulation 2013 MBA Important Questions Anna University - MBA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Semester Unit Wise Important Questions - Regulation 2013 MBA Important Questions / Guidance Topics

Anna University MBA Important Questions May June 2015

Regulation 2013 MBA Department Important Questions

Master of Business Administration Important Questions Anna University
Here you can download Regulation 2013 MBA all semester important Questions.  Provides MBA Department Guidance questions for  all semester in PDF Format/ Doc Format. Students can Make use of the MBA Study Materials effectively.
MBA Regulation 2013 Important Questions - All Subjects
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MBA 1st Semester Subjects
BA7101 Principles of Management
BA7102 Statistics for Management
BA7103 Economic Analysis for Business
BA7104 Total Quality Management
BA7105 Organizational Behaviour
BA7106 Accounting for Management
BA7107 Legal Aspects of Business
BA7108 Written Communication
MBA 2nd Semester Subjects
BA7201 Operations Management
BA7202 Financial Management
BA7203 Marketing Management
BA7204 Human Resource Management
BA7205 Information Management
BA7206 Applied Operations Research
BA7207 Business Research Methods

MBA 3rd Semester Subjects
BA7301 Enterprise Resource Planning
BA7302 Strategic Management
Electives ( E1 - E6)
MBA 4th Semester Subjects
BA7401 International Business Management Study Materials
BA7402 Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance Study Materials
List of Electives

BA7011 Brand Management
BA7012 Retail Management
BA7013 Services Marketing
BA7014 Integrated Marketing Communication
BA7015 Customer Relationship Management
BA7016 Rural Marketing

BA7021 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
BA7022 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
BA7023 International Trade Finance
BA7024 Corporate Finance
BA7025 Micro Finance
BA7026 Banking Financial Services Management

BA7031 Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness
BA7032 Entrepreneurship Development
BA7033 Organizational Theory, Design & Development
BA7034 Industrial Relations & Labour Welfare
BA7035 Labour Legislations Study Materials
BA7036 Strategic Human Resource Management

BA7041 Advanced Database Management Systems Study Materials
BA7042 e-Business Management Study Materials
BA7043 Software Project and Quality Management Study Materials
BA7044 Data mining for Business Intelligence Study Materials

BA7051 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BA7052 Services Operations Management
BA7053 Project Management
BA7054 Lean Six Sigma
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