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2 Marks 
1. Define Management. 
2. Define Productivity. 
3. What are the functions of Managers? 
4. Write the different levels of Management. 
5. What is meant by social audit? 
6. What are the effective characteristics of Managers? 
7. Define Organization. 
8. Define effectiveness. 
9. Define efficiency. 
10. Give the main importance of management. 
16 Marks 
1. Explain briefly about the various functions of Management. 
2. What are the Henry Fayol’s 14 principles of management? Explain. 
3. Explain briefly about the different factors affecting the organizational 
4. Explain the overall development of management thought. 
5. Management : Science or Art – Discuss. 
6. Compare Management and administration. 
7. Explain in detail about the different types of business organization. 
8. Write the characteristics and limitations of classical approach. 
9. What are the different responsibilities of managers in effective 
management? Explain. 
10. Discuss in detail about the recent trends in management concepts. 
2 Marks 
1. Define planning 
2. Define strategies. 
3. Define objectives and goals. 
4. What are the different types of plans? 
5. What is meant by policies? 
6. State the various steps in planning. 
7. Define MBO. 
8. Define Programs. 
9. Define TOWS matrix. 10. What do you understand by decision making? 
16 marks 
1. Explain the overall decision making process. 
2. Explain in detail about the various forecasting methods. 
3. Explain the process of MBO. 
4. Explain in detail about the TOWS matrix and SWOT analysis. 
5. Define policies with its types. Explain the planning premises with types. 
6. Explain the relationship of planning and controlling. 
7. Discuss in detail about the performance appraisal. 
8. Name the classifications of planning practices. 
9. Discuss the various factors affecting the decision making process. 
10. Explain briefly about the major kinds of strategies
                             UNIT 3 
                            2 Marks 
1. Define span of management. 
2. Give the main difference between the formal and informal 
3. List out the steps involved in organizing. 
4. Discuss “Departmentation”. 
5. What are the different bases of departmentation?
6. Define decentralization. 
7. What is organization chart? 
8. Define staffing. 
9. What is meant by performance appraisal? 
10. What is human resource planning? 
16 Marks 
1. Explain briefly about the various types of Departmentation. 
2. Explain briefly about the various types of Organizational structures. 
3. Discuss the span of management/managerial effectiveness. 
4. Explain briefly about the overall selection process. 
5. Discuss briefly the various steps involved in organizing. 
6. List out the difference between Formal and Informal organization. 
7. List out the basic activities of human resource development. 
8. Name the types of centralization. 
9. Explain about the organizational culture. 
10. Explain about the human resource planning. 
2 Marks 
1. Define Leading. 
2. What are the difference between creativity and innovation? 
3. Define Motivation. 
4. What are the elements in the Maslow hierarchy of needs? 
5. Define Leadership. 6. List out the various styles of leadership with examples. 
7. Define Communication. 
8. What is meant by downward communication? 
9. Define Operations Research. 
10. What do you understand by JIT? 
16 Marks 
1. Explain briefly about three theories of Motivation. 
2. Explain in detail about the various functions of Leader. 
3. Discuss in detail about the Creativity and Innovation. 
4. Explain the various types of Leadership with its different styles. 
5. Discuss in detail about the process and types of Motivation. 
6. Explain the different characteristics of a Leader. 
7. List the tools and techniques used in operating management 
8. Explain briefly about MIS. 
9. Explain the different barriers and breakdowns of communication                 
10. Explain in detail about the different types of Budgets. 
11. Difference between Motivation and Satisfaction.
                                 Unit 5 
2 Marks

1. Define Controlling. 
2. What are the steps involved in the control process? 
3. Define budgeting. 
4. What is meant by MIS? 
5. What is international business? 
6. Define Globalisation. 
7. What is MNC? Give an example. 
8. Define Reporting. 
9. What are the benefits of IT in controlling? 
10. What do you mean by PERT? 
 16 Marks 
1. Explain the difference between Japanese and US Management. 
2. Explain in detail about MNCs. 
3. Discuss in detail about the techniques used for improving 
4. Explain the term ‘Reporting”. 
5. Explain in detail the preventive control mechanism towards 
achieving a unified global management theory. 
6. Impact of IT in Management concept – Discuss. 
7. Discuss in briefly about the various functions of MNC. 
8. Explain in detail about the Globalization and Liberalization. 
9. Explain in detail reporting and ROI. 
10. Write down the management concept in Germany. 
11. Explain in detail the various forms of International business


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